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Impress Women with the Best Wheels as it Speaks About your Personality

Who doesn’t know about Mercedes Benz? When we hear this name the first thing that comes to our mind is elegance and class. It is known for its features, quality and durability. Not everyone is aware that the entire range of Mercedes cars is designed by finest engineers in automotive industry. This brand has its own image and fame that no one can beat.

A car is considered as a transportable machine that carries people from one place to another. However, with time it has been given a stereotype definition. Men cherish these cars and women personify them by giving them favorite names. Each gender has their own way of admiring the latest models. Females are sentimentally attached to their cars and males get a sense of power and freedom when they sit behind the steering.


Men prefer cars that resemble their personality. With new Mercedes  Benz models, a person can customize it with their own style and liking. Since this brand is all about class therefore, men whenever get a chance to show off, select the best model. The SUV range is the perfect blend of power and elegance.

Here are various kinds of guys and the type of cars they prefer –

  • The sports car guy is adventurous and fun loving. He is attractive and smart with good physique and will always be surrounded with females no matter where he goes.

  • The man who drives a truck is strong and is too carefree to mind what women feel about him. He’s hard working and enjoys life in a simple living.
  • The hybrid guy has saved money his entire life by working day and night and now has found the most sophisticated and elegant model to fulfill his dreams. Such men are always single as they were busy saving money for a better future.
  • The SUV guy is arrogant and doesn’t care about anything in this world. He has no respect for people or money and drives rashly.
  • The muscle car guy has lot of money but no brain. He will keep blabbering about his useless achievements instead of talking sense.

  • Minivan guys are more into family than the trend. He is focused towards the requirement of life than the trending style in the market.
  • Jeep guys are hardly in the town. They prefer travelling and gaining experience by moving outdoors.
  • Compact cars are for men who are satisfied with what they have. They are hard working with average income so they buy a small car to satisfy their needs.

You don’t need to buy a showy car to attract a girl but you definitely need things straightened out in life to get something better.

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