Vehicle Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an essential maintenance to maintain your vehicle running well. Remember, a properly maintained vehicle is really a reliable vehicle which will never desert you when it’s needed most. Here you’ve got a fundamental preventive maintenance list that will help you keep your vehicle in top condition for many years.

1. Lets start with an oil change. Possess the engine oil altered every 3000 miles, or every 3 several weeks, whichever comes first. Throughout the oil change, have fluids checked and replenished as needed, the environment filter checked to find out if it requires substitute, in addition to tires, suspension, brakes, belts, hoses, exhaust, wiper blades, battery, and lights.

2. Go ahead and take vehicle for any tune-up every 6000 miles, or every 6 several weeks, whichever comes first. At this time they’ll alter the spark plugs, spark plug cables, cap and rotor, engine oil, transmission oil, radiator cap and fluid, fuel filter, and they’ll perform a full check as with the first step.

3. The timing belt ought to be altered every 90,000 miles. Combined with the timing belt, water pump and all sorts of attaching belts and hoses ought to be altered.

4. Finally, it’s also wise to keep up with the body and finished in good shape by staying away from dents and washing regularly. Interior maintenance is equally as important. This helps to maintain greater resale or trade-in value.

If you’re able to follow this 4 step preventive maintenance list, your automobile will be in top condition. You’ll be able to depend in your vehicle with bit of mind. It’s best if a person always has your automobile serviced limited to approved service stations.

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