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How Vehicle Dealers Earn Money

Most car dealerships, such as the vehicles they offer are finely tuned machines of commerce. Like the majority of other companies, the primary focus isn’t to market vehicles, although that’s clearly important. The primary focus would be to earn an income.

Six Methods to Earn an income

Aside from the actual purchase for you the customer, another ways in which vehicle dealers earn money is: service or repair, extras and charges, extended warranties, financing, and trade-in’s. Let us check out each individually.


This is actually the most lucrative department on most auto dealers. If you have had your vehicle repaired recently it ought to be no real surprise! With labor rates in the plethora of $79 to $89 each hour occasionally, it’s not hard to observe how an easy repair may cost $300 to $400. On the top of the particular labor costs, all the materials the service center uses are offered for you in a profit also.

Extras and Charges

Whenever you finish negotiating to purchase that new vehicle and therefore are satisfied that you have become a good deal, would you go into the Finance Manager’s office with a sense of satisfaction and relief? Great, try not to enable your guard lower yet! The Finance Manager is another sales rep and in some cases is attempting their better to talk you into paint or fabric protection, a security or stereo, detailing and much more. Resist the need to purchase these extras at this time. If you choose that you would like these later on, look around after you have driven from the dealers’ lot so you do not feel pressured.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are another supply of profit for that dealership. Most cars today are made very well especially underneath the hood that extended warranties must only be bought should you drive well above 15,000 miles each year. Even so you ought to think hard weighing the opportunity of problems in comparison to the costs involved. Also, make certain the policy mirrors the one which the manufacturers’ policy would cover.

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