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Improper Car Maintenance can cause Road Accidents

While driver attention and speed remain the main culprits behind most auto accidents in the US, failure to maintain your car can also cause auto accidents. The only positive thing about car crashes caused by poorly maintained vehicles is that they can be prevented. Paying attention to those blinking warning lights and checking for wear on your tires can go a long way towards boosting your safety and that of other drivers on the road. Here are some common car problems that can lead to serious accidents if not addressed early on.

Brake malfunctions: Most cases of single-vehicle accidents that car accident attorneys in Los Angeles deal with have something to do with brake malfunctions. Brake pads require routine checking and replacement, regardless of how often you use your car. Brake fluids needs to be checked regularly as well for optimal vehicle performance.

Loose lug nuts: Wheels and hubcaps are kept together by lug nuts. If your car’s lug nuts are not tightened properly, the wheels may fall off. Most of the times, wheels come off when the vehicle is moving, so this is a huge gamble you are taking with your life here. Be sure to get an expert to occasionally check the condition of your hubcaps, wheels, and lug nuts. If you must tighten them yourself, don’t do it against the weight of the vehicle.

Rusting chassis: Constant exposure to moisture may increase your vehicle’s susceptibility to rust. Rust damage could lead to parts loosening, collapsing, or even falling off if not attended on time.

Steering linkage wear: Steering linkage wear can impair your ability to control the car. With the steering linkage giving out, you could find yourself driving in one direction, risking swerving into cars on other lanes.

Tire problems: Tires can lead to crashes if they are under-inflated. This is especially true if you are driving in hot weather and on a high speed road. Ensure your tires are properly inflated every day before hitting the road. Worn tires should be replaced.

Lights and wipers: Both wipers and lights are crucial when it comes to road safety. If other motorists can’t see you or you can’t see them, the chances of you causing an accident are high. Consider having your lights checked if you are getting rapid blinking signals or if they are dimming. Streaking, irregular back-and-forth movements, and unusual noises are all signs of wipers that may conk out anytime.

Cracked windshield: A mere crack down the middle of the windshield of your car may not seem like a safety risk, but it is. Some emergencies on the road could give you less than a second to react and any slight obstruction in vision could massively impact your response time.

Giving your car proper servicing and maintenance is just as important as adhering to speed limits and following road safety rules. Pay attention to signs of failing parts as regularly as you can and check with an expert for servicing at least once every 12 months.

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